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Our Portfolio

High-quality products for generations

RASCHIG GmbH is divided into four divisions: Chemicals, Thermosetting Molding Compounds, Material Separation Technology and Road Construction Materials. The main focus of our Chemicals Division is the production of fine and specialty chemicals, antioxidants, electroplating chemicals, specialty monomers for various applications, and additives for the plastics and latex industry. In addition, pyridine, piperidine and quinoline derivatives as intermediates in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are an important part of our product range.


Building on the successes of the company founder Dr. F. Raschig, as one of the pioneers in the development of the first synthetically produced polymers, RASCHIG GmbH has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of Thermosetting Molding Compounds. Through continuous, intensive development and selective acquisitions, the Plastics Division now has an extremely diversified, unique product range, which is used globally in a very wide range of applications.


Special focus is also placed on the development and marketing of innovative concepts and products for Mass Transfer Technology. These include high-performance and standard products in the field of random packings, structured packings, column internals, mist eliminators, mass transfer trays, column engineering, turnaround service, contracted research, engineering for authorities and process simulation. Customer-oriented solutions are our priority.


In addition to our extensive portfolio, we offer rapidly applicable bitumen emulsions for road repair other chemicals used in construction.


Then as now, the RASCHIG product portfolio stands for diversity, dynamics and quality. Numerous customers and manufacturers from countless branches of industry benefit from our solutions to increase the efficiency, productivity and purity of your products.

Fine chemicals antioxidants, electroplating chemicals, special additives and special monomers for the most varied applications

Free flowing Moulding Compounds; very broad an diversified product portfolio

Random packings, structured packings, column internals, droplet separator, mass transfer trays, knitted wire mesh products, engineering, services and simulation

Process, technology, approval and safety planning for your plant

High-quality building materials for road maintenance, as well as construction chemicals and lab accessories.